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All day Breakfast
Toast & Gourmet preserve  
Turkish/white/multigrain/gluten free half serve $2.50 Full serve $4.50
Fruit Toast half serve $2.70 Full serve $5.00
Seasoned Avocado on Turkish toast $7.90
Muesli or Fruit Yogurt  
Fresh seasoned friut and roasted muesli served with natural Greek yogurt $7.90
Breakfast Wrap  
Becon,eggs,Swiss cheese wrapped in grilled greek bread & choice of sauce $9.00
Bacon & Eggs Burger  
Bacon,eggs,swiss cheese & BBQ sauce in grilled turkish bread $9.00
Scrambled Eggs  
scrambled eggs serve with crispy pancette,becon,roasted tomatoes on grilled Turkish bread $10.90
spinech Mushroom Ham Omelette serve with grilled turkish toast $13.50
Eggs(Any Style)on toast  
A choice of scrambled,poached or fried eggs serve on grilled turkish toast $8.90(2eggs)10.40(3eggs)
Bigs Breakfast  
Becon,Chipolatas,roasted tomato,apinach & mushroom,baked beans,hash brown,your choice of
eggs and turkish toast
Eggs Benedict  
Poached eggs,ham or becon,wifted spinach with hollandaise sauce on grilled turkish bread $14.90
served with poached fruit,Greek yogurt,berry compote,maple syrup & cinnamon $12.50
French Toast  
French Fruit toast served with Greek yogurt,berry compote,maple syrup & cinnamon $11.50

Breakfast Extras
Turkish Toast $2.50
Sausages $3.00
Bacon $3.50
Extra Eggs $2.50
Avocado $3.50
Hash brown $2.50
Baked beans $3.00
Hallcumi cheese $3.10
Spinach $3.00
Mushrooms $3.50
Mushrooms & Spinach $4.90

Hot Drinks
Flat white/capucino/Latte/Chai Latte/Hot Chocolate  
Regular $3.50
Large $4.00
Short Black//Short Macchiato Mocca  
Regular $4.00
Large $4.50
Selection of Teas(English Breakfast/Earl Grey/Irish Breakfast/Camomile) Peppermint/Green Lemon & Ginger/Jasmine $3.60

Cold Drinks
Ice coffee/Ice Mocca/Ice Chocolate $5.80
Ice Latte $5.50
Milk Shake/Caramel/Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate $5.00
Smoothies(Cinnamon Banana/Mixed Berries/Mango Honey) $6.80

Toasted Sandwich  
A choice of Ham cheese tomato,Tomato cheese,Roast Meet & Gravy,Meet & Salad,Meet cheese & Salad $5.00-$7.50
Bowl of Chips with aioli $5.90
Selection of Salad small $7.90, large $9.90
Caesar Salad $9.90
Char Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $12.90
Becon,Lattuce,Tomato and Caramelise Onion serve on Turkish bread $11.50
Steak Burger  
Rib Fillet steak with caramelise onion,aioli,beetroot and rocket in char grilled Turkish bread $9.90
Euro Style Hamburger  
Homemade Beef Patty with caramellise onion,aioli,beetroot,roasted tomato and rocket in Turkish bread $9.00
Halloumi Wrap  
Grilled Halloumi cheese,tzatziki,onion jam,chars grilled capsicum,roasted tomato and rocket wrapped in grilled Grek bread $9.90
Chicken souvlakie,tzatziki,tomato,red onion & rocket wrapped in grilled Greek bread $9.90
Halloumi Chicken Yiros $12.90
Spanakopitta Greek spinach pie  
serces with your choice of salad $11.90
Traditional Quiche Lorraine  
serves with your choice of salad $11.90
Haloumi Platter(for 1 person)  
Grilled Haloumi cheese,Greek salad,Grilled Greek Bread & tzatziki $11.90
Haloumi and chicken scuvlakia platter(for 1 person)  
Souvlakia chicken kabab,greek salad,grilled greek bread & tzatziki $11.90
Haloumi and chicken souvlakia platter $14.50

Chicken Souvlakia kebab $3.90
Haloumi cheese $3.10
tzaatziki sauce $0.50
Side salad $4.50
Side roasted vegetables $4.50
Side caesar salad $5.50
Side chips $3.90
Extra sauces $0.50

Sweet & Dessert
Selection of Cakes,Slices,Sweet Muffins,Biscuits.See our displayed for full selection.  

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