Catering with Euro Cafe
    Impress your clients, friends and colleagues with something different at Euro Cafe such as Greek Yiros, Halloumi wrap or Moussaka etc.

    Please take a moment to read our catering menu and cater your next important meeting with exciting twists on canape', salads and sandwiches.

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Morning Tea Set
Morning Tea #1 - $ 5.50 per person
Mini sweet/ savoury muffins
Mini roasted pumpkin & Feta cheese frittata or Bacon cheese and tomato mini Quiche
Morning Tea #2 - $ 7.00 per person
Mini roasted pumpkin & Feta cheese frittata or Bacon cheese and tomato mini Quiche
Mini sweet/ savoury muffins
Toasted muesli Yoghurt topped with Berry Compote in a cup or fruit salad and Greek Yoghurt in a cup
Morning Tea #3 - $7.50 per person
Mini Bruschetta & avocado on Sour dough bread
Fruit Danishes or Banana Bread
Mini Savoury muffins
Morning Tea Individual
Mini muffins (2) - $ 2.2 (Gf, V)
Choice of blueberry/ chocolate/ spinach and feta muffins
Scone (1) - $ 3.8 (V)
Choice of fruit or plain scone served with butter, jam and fresh whipped cream
Fruit Danish (1) - $ 4.0 (V)
Mixed of apricot, berry and apple Danishes
Fruit Greek Yoghurt Cup - $ 3.0 (Gf, V)
Fresh seasonal fruit topped with Greek yoghurt and berry compote
Toasted Muesli Yoghurt Cup - $ 3.0 (V)
Toasted Macadamia and Cranberry muesli with Greek Yoghurt topped with berry compote and side of milk
Blueberry Banana Bread - $ 4.0 (V)
Hot Croissant (Large) - $ 4.0 (V)
Hot plain croissant served with butter and jam
Mini Quiches (2) - $ 5.5 (V)
Bacon cheese and tomato quiche or vegetarian quiche
Mini Frittata (2) - $ 5.5 (Gf, V)
Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta frittata
Mini Bruschetta (2) - $ 5.9 (V)
Tomato and seasoned avocado bruschetta served on sour dough toast


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