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Toast & Gourmet Preserves  
Turkish/white/multigrain/gluten free Half serve $2.50 Full serve $4.50
Fruit Toast Half serve $2.70 Full serve $5.00
Seasoned Avocado on Turkish toast $7.90
Muesli or Fruit Yogurt  
Fresh seasoned fruit and toasted muesli served with natural Greek yogurt topped up with Berry compote $7.80
Breakfast Wrap  
bacon, eggs, Swiss cheese wrapped in grilled Greek bread & choice of sauce $9.90
Bacon & Eggs Burger  
bacon, eggs, Swiss cheese & BBQ sauce on grilled Turkish bread $9.90
Scrambled Eggs Meal  
scrambled eggs serve with crispy pancetta, bacon, roasted tomatoes & grilled Turkish bread $12.90
spinach mushroom ham omelette serve with grilled Turkish toast $13.50
Eggs(Any Style)on toast  
A choice of scrambled, poached or fried eggs serve on grilled Turkish toast $5.50 (1 egg) $7.90 (2 eggs) $8.90 (3 eggs)
Big Breakfast  
bacon, sausage, roasted tomato, spinach & mushroom, baked beans, hash brown, your choice of eggs and Turkish toast $16.90
Eggs Benedict  
Poached eggs with ham/ bacon or smoked salmon and spinach with hollandaise sauce on grilled Turkish bread $14.90
served with poached pears, Greek yoghurt, berry compote & maple syrup $12.90
French Toast  
French Fruit toast served with Greek yoghurt, berry compote, maple syrup & cinnamon $ 12.90
Caramelised Banana Waffles  
Serving of 2 hot waffles with caramelised banana and vanilla ice cream. $ 12.90

Kids Breakfast  
Serving of 2 pancakes and maple syrup. $ 8.50
Serving of 2 waffles with chocolate syrup. $ 8.50

Breakfast Extras  
Turkish Toast $2.50
Sausage $3.50
Bacon $3.60
Extra Eggs $2.50
Fresh Avocado/Seasoned Avocado $3.50
Hash brown $2.50
Baked beans $3.50
Halloumi cheese $3.60
Spinach $3.00
Mushrooms $3.50
Mushrooms & Spinach $5.50
Roasted Tomato $3.00

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